Audley End, Cambridgeshire

Once one of the largest private homes in the country, now half it’s original size but still impressive, Audley End is a classic Jacobian house. As English as they come, complete with a cricket game being played out front.DSC08874 DSC08871 DSC08827DSC08834Photography isn’t allowed inside unfortunately, but visualise a grand great hall, endless rooms, a rather warm nursery in the attic, a huge service wing including a kitchen, laundry, and dairy, and a lot of stuffed birds, courtesy the fourth Baron Braybrooke, a keen taxidermist.

The grounds were less impressive with the usual formal bedding, walled garden, greenhouses, and expansive stables.DSC08835 DSC08840 DSC08863 DSC08861 DSC08860 DSC08859 DSC08850 DSC08868

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