Embassies, Canberra

As you’d expect from a capital city Canberra is full of embassies and consulates. Thanks to it’s planned nature they’re all pretty much in one area, on land owned by the Australian government and allocated out.

There are a huge range of architectural styles on display, most clearly representing the nationality of each country. Here are a few that caught my eye, in order – Papa New Guinea, China, New Zealand (new building under construction), Britain, Finland (very modern), America (the largest), Pakistan (bizarrely modern), South African (one of the oldest), Thailand, Japan (complete with cherry trees out back), and the residence of the Indonesian Ambassador.

dsc02532 dsc02533dsc02478dsc02480 dsc02528 dsc02482 dsc02493 dsc02534 dsc02544 dsc02547 dsc02549-south-african-embassy dsc02555-thai-embassy dsc02556-japanese-embbasy dsc02599

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