Canberra civic buildings and spaces

As you’d expect from a capital, Canberra is full of civic buildings and spaces. Here are some of the more interesting and architecturally striking examples.

The Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly was designed by the same architects as Parliament House, but on a far smaller budget. It’s a well judged and low key addition to the city centre.
dsc01436 dsc01965 dsc01435-act-parliamentThe High Court of Australia is a classic example of architectural void ruling over functional space, and all the better for it. Within the soaring interior and walls of glass are the most senior law courts in the country.dsc02748 dsc02736 dsc02732 dsc02730

The National Library of Australia is another monumental building, close to the shores of Lake Burley Griffth, if much more impressive from the outside than on the inside.dsc02868 dsc02792 dsc02793 dsc02796 dsc02794

The National Archives of Australia are home to the Federalist papers, containing effectively the birth certificate of Australia, signed (in dodgy ink) by Queen Victoria, and the Australian Constitution which included a provision for New Zealand to be the sixth state. There was also an interesting, scientifically inspired, art exhibition, all housed in the lovely East Block building.dsc02173 dsc02180 dsc02176

The final corner of the civic triangle of Parliament and the city centre, is the heart of the Ministry of Defence, complete with an impressive column.dsc02973 dsc02979

Bisecting the line from the Australian War Memorial to the Australian Parliament(s) is Commonwealth Place.dsc02276 dsc02772dsc02805

Finally it’s not really a civic space but wanted to find somewhere for the Australian National Botanic Gardens. They’re were underwhelming to be honest, but did have effective recreations of rainforest and the red centre, and were on route to Black Mountain Nature Reserve, for scenic views of Canberra from the Teletra Tower.dsc01722 dsc01815 dsc01742 dsc01737 dsc01736

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