Holy shrine of Imam Khomeni, Tehran

The holy shrine of Imam Khomeni is an enormous complex of buildings that have been under construction for 28 years, with the end still a long way off. An hour south of central Tehran, it is the resting place for Imam Khomeni, first leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and other religious and political leaders.

You are not allowed to take cameras inside, but mobile phones are fine, so I took these on my iPhone.

The interior is relatively consistent with other modern Iranian mosques, with reflective surfaces replacing traditional tilework. The scale though is enormous, with this room being one of seven of equal size. Once complete it will be the size of a decent airport terminal. Though given that up to four million people visit on the anniversary of his death each year (5% of the Iranian population) the size becomes more understandable.

It is still very much under construction. While visiting the peace was shattered by a workman with a grinder causing sparks to fly above.

4 thoughts on “Holy shrine of Imam Khomeni, Tehran

    • Foreigners are allowed in pretty much everywhere in Iran. The only place I wasn’t able to visit was the inside of a shrine in Shiraz, which was only due to badly behaved tourists a few years ago.

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