Ghalat and Kahran

Heading on from Shiraz we had a complete change of scene and scenery heading north into the mountains.

Ghalat was an abandoned village that has been reclaimed by locals seeking freedom away from the cities, to picnic and relax by the river. Many of the buildings are in a state of disrepair, but new buildings are emerging behind the many trees.

Heading on we were treated to some rather nice views.

In Kahran we stayed in a traditional nomad house, complete with swallows living in the ceiling.

In the morning I went for a walk up the hillside accompanied by their dog Blackie to find a couple of reservoirs and the rising sun. We finished with a wander through the village, a good opportunity to see how traditional buildings are made of wood and earth, and newer ones of concrete blocks, not the ideal material in a country prone to earthquakes…

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  1. Can you imagine that? On the way to Shiraz where wine is supposedly first brewed yet the landscape on the way day would suggest otherwise!

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