A stopover on the way from Esfahan back to Tehran, Kashan was one of the few places I didn’t particularly like in Iran. It felt like a far less welcoming (very conservative), dirtier and less interesting version of Yazd.

There were a couple of nice sights though, in particular the stylish Khan-e Tabatabei. This was the only place I’ve ever followed a sign upstairs to the stables, thanks to the courtyards being dug down into the ground. It also had more ledges to fall off than anywhere I’ve ever been. If this was in the UK there would be safety railings everywhere.

The Agha Bozorg Mosque and Madraseh was also worth a quick stop to admire.

The bazaar is very much a traditional working Iranian bazaar rather than one for tourists, made apparent by the somewhat disconcerting looks we were given.

I also quite liked this mosque despite it’s state of construction / repair.

But in general I wasn’t a fan, it was the only place I visited in Iran that I didn’t feel totally safe, particularly getting lost around the backstreets, something that was an absolute pleasure in Yazd.

Headed back to Tehran we passed some interesting hills…

And another mosque, which even after two weeks I was still loving.

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