Vivid Festival, Sydney

Every June Sydney is filled with light as city landmarks are illuminated in a riot of colour and pattern during the Vivid Festival.

The obvious centre point of the festival is Sydney Opera House, iconic and stunning in it’s usual white, even more so when covered in surreal animated projections.

The Overseas Passenger Terminal had some pretty powerful lights casting striking patterns across Circular Quay, some looking like they were tempting Batman.

The CBD looked way more attractive lit up than usual, almost rivalling the Hong Kong skyline for high rise colour.

The Harbour Bridge was almost understated in comparison but still effective.

The walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens was worth the queue to get in, filled with quirky and atmospheric effects.

Most of which came from lights like this, trapped in a protective bubble.

The path finished at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, looking even more like a castle than usual.

To finish with where I started at Vivid, with the State Library of New South Wales, highlighted in rather garish if eye clashing colours.

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