Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle)

A world heritage site, Purnululu National Park is 240,000 hectares of nature at it’s best, which I explored by land and air. From the bizarrely named Piccaninny I walked out to the lookout, the Window, Whip Snake Gorge and Cathedral Gorge, saving easily the best for last. Huge, echoey and colourful, though it lacked the dehydrated frogs of Whip Snake Gorge. If running the last few days had been tough, walking 11km in 43C heat with no shade put in things in perspective.

DSC05967 DSC05974 DSC05946 DSC06018Easier, and even more scenic if scarier was half an hour in an open cabin helicopter over Purnululu National Park. Too much to take in really, tried to balance taking plenty of photos with enjoying the experience, possibly not entirely successfully.

DSC06081 DSC06098 Echidna Chasm was the best walk so far, just spectacular and lot like how I’d imagine Petra in Jordan to be, no stunning carvings, but hardly any people and plenty of palms trees. World away from anything in New Zealand, a very special place.

DSC06192 DSC06222 DSC06223 DSC06227

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