Geothermal Iceland

Provider of cheap power, plentiful hot water, and milky blue baths, geothermal is an important part of Iceland, if less frequently found than one might assume. The Myvatn region has everything you’d expect and can be covered easily in an afternoon, with everything other than the baths free to access.

An impressive collection of unusual colours, bubbling mud and steaming ground, with a pleasant assumption of personal responsibility in the small roped fences around hazardous patches of ground, and amazingly nothing by the steam piles of rocks. I saw several tourists putting their hands toward them to confirm that they were indeed extremely hot. Muppets.

A sizeable crater formed by a volcanic eruption, filled with wonderfully blue water.

Requires a bit of a walk which was good to stretch the legs, but otherwise there wasn’t a huge amount to see other than a small colourful pool and yet more lava.

Which was the same feeling I got here, though people see interesting things in the rock formations.

Myvatn Nature Baths
Built as a tourist attraction, but half the price of more famous Blue Lagoon close to Reykjavik airport. Sitting in warm water doesn’t appeal much to me, but it’s a pretty cool sight, with clouds of steam blowing over the pools.

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