Icelandic Waterfalls

Iceland is a waterfall lovers dream, as glacier water pours off the landscape throughout the country.

One the most impressive waterfalls I’ve seen (though Niagara Falls is pretty big!), aided by unusual Icelandic sunshine creating some wonderful rainbows, including directly across the footpath!

No sun, so no rainbows this time, but rain and wind made for an atmospheric explore of this 60m high waterfall. Possibly the first waterfall I’ve ever walked round the back of, pretty cool (and wet!).

The same height as Seljalandsfoss but much wider, Skógafoss also marks the start of the Laugavegurinn Trail, the most famous hiking track in Iceland. It’s on my bucket list but the unpredictability of the weather and distance to get there from New Zealand is problematic. Almost as interesting as the waterfall were the other tourists, including one guy carrying his skateboard up the track past the waterfall, and another guy in a suit, drenched through to the skin.

Svartifoss (the Black Waterfall)
One of the most popular spots in Skaftafell National Park, this waterfall is distinctive for the surrounding black hexagonal basalt columns.

The smallest waterfall here but one of my favourites, nice shape and setting, with a special channel to the left for lazy salmon.

Twin streams waterfall
Two minutes up the road from a grocery store…Dettifoss
The most powerful waterfall in Iceland, in terms of the volume of water pouring through it, pretty impressive.

Seen from the top of an epic canyon, put the waterfall in context.

The sun came out for this one which always helps.

As worthy for the backdrop of the distinctive Kirkjufell, particularly when the sun broke through the clouds.

The last waterfall I saw on the trip, which still had new ways to surprise, given the width and number of small waterfalls flowing out of lava tunnels, quite unexpected and magical.

I saw many more waterfalls from the road, they’re literally everywhere, here are a few to finish on.

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