Highlights of Iceland

Greener and with more trees than expected, Iceland is a wonderful place for those interested in what nature can do, from magnificent waterfalls to otherworldly geothermal activity. I spent ten days there travelling the ring road around the island, here were the highlights.

Not just one of the most historic sites in the country, but also ones of the most beautiful sights, particularly when the sun comes out (not guaranteed at any time of the year). Gullfoss
I saw many, many waterfalls in Iceland, but this was my favourite, helped by being one of the first I saw, and the only one with a rainbow over it, quite wondrous. This, along with Þingvellirm and the geothermal wonderland of Geysir make up the deservedly famous Golden Circle, easily accessible as a day trip from Reykjavik.Myvatn
The most impressive geothermal sights I saw in Iceland, quite out of this world, with spectacular colours and activity. Jökulsárlón
Understandably one of the most popular places in Iceland, where blue, white and black icebergs from the enormous Vatnajökull Glacier wait in a lagoon before melting sufficiently to make their way out to sea, where they are often washed up onto the beach. A quite surreal and memorable experience. The Pond
One of the most scenic spots in Reykjavik, particularly when the sun is shinning, with lush blue and green in-between you and the buildings on the other side. Möðrudalur Valley
The highlands of Iceland are wonderfully barren and evocative, a favourite landscape of mine. I loved the contrast between them and this picturesque church in Möðrudalur Valley. Hafraglisfoss
Heading from the highlands to the lowlands, this was a quite epic canyon, and about the only place in Iceland I went to where we were the only tourists.Skógasafn Museum
My favourite museum in Iceland, the Skógasafn Museum is home to a great collection of historic houses (among other things). Akureyri, in Northern Iceland is also home to a decent museum and historic buildings. Dyrhólaey
On the Icelandic South Coast this is a great place to see puffins up close. The coastal road was one of many good spots to see Iceland from the road.Harpa
The most impressive piece of modern architecture in the country, a colourful and very Icelandic concert hall on the waterfront in Reykjavik.Kirkjufell
A distinctive mass of rock by the West Iceland town of Grundarfjorour, which also makes a good backdrop for the nearby Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. Hallgrimskirkja Church
The most iconic building in Iceland, this huge church is a landmark of the Reykjavik skyline. For some less specifically location based posts I also wrote about street art in Reykjavik and running throughout the country, as well as things I learnt about Iceland.

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