Corfe Castle

Dating back over a thousand years in places, the remains of Corfe Castle are an evocative sight in the Dorset countryside, close to Swanage.

The castle would have been hugely impressive and imposing in it’s heyday, but enough remains to give a pretty good idea of it’s size and scale.

From the top there are wonderful views of the surrounding scenic English countryside.

At the base of the castle were a collection of informative tents, and a replica catapult.

The village itself is rather nice, if overrun with tourists.

The church was worth a quick look around.

Note that parking is very difficult. I’d recommend getting there before it opens at 10am to get a space if you’re driving. Another option is to take the Swanage Railway there, which operates steam and diesel trains.

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  1. Sometimes we wonder how many catapults would be needed to “bombard” the castle with significant impact! But indeed it would have been very impressive against any invader!

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