Perth street art

Perth, like most places to be honest, has gained a lot more street art in recent years. I remember none from my previous trip seven years ago. Most of these examples came from the The University of Western Australia campus.

It was also home to these rather wonderful houses on legs, bringing back childhood memories of the story of Baba Yaga.

There were a number of unusual sculptures of people, including a guy near Barrack’s Arch with a fallen briefcase, an open handed man by a door, and series of five sculptures of men throughout the ages striding purposely to work, showing a progression from swords to brief cases to mobile phones.

Slightly more abstract was this large red swirly thing on St George’s Terrace.

My favourite though was this giant inflatable crab on top of a shipping container as part of Artweek.

Author: jontycrane

1 thought on “Perth street art

  1. How far we’ve come! For some reason your offering reminded me of cave art from times past. And now, everywhere! Man making a statement in his world. I like that. I like the crab too. Large swirlies make me tilt my head and wonder what the artist was aiming for just then. Not a bad thing, just wonder. Great post. 😊

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