Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

A highlight of Karijini National Park, Hancock Gorge offers stunning views along a tricky little walk at it’s base.

The lookouts on the rim provide an idea of scale, and show where multiple gorges intersect.

The adventure begins after descending a steep section called The Ladder, to head along the base of the gorge, involving some careful feet placement and a bit of wading to reach the Amphitheatre.

From there bags are abandoned and great care taken to travel safely through Spider Walk, a narrow and extremely slippery pinch point in the gorge.

It was worth it though to reach Kermits Pool, particularly before everyone else arrived to take a dip.

The views from the end of Kermits Pool were even more amazing, if understandably off limits unless you’re properly equipped to go canyoning.

The layering of rocks along the gorge were incredible, such beautiful colours, with many polished by the passing of thousands of people, making then even more slippery.

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