Joffre Gorge and Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park

Joffre Gorge was an unexpected surprise, only 15 minutes walk from where we’d been staying at Karijini Eco Retreat (covered below) for three nights. Wandering through the bush we came across a pretty huge gap in the land, deep red with yellow spinifex, with water a long way down at the bottom.

The rim walk provided more views, particularly crossing over where a waterfall flows when there is some water, though not in October at the end of the dry season.

A proper lookout jutting out over the gorge provided the best views.

The surrounding landscape looked particularly vibrant in the late afternoon sunshine.

On the way back we got a little closer to the bottom, though not too far given the storm brewing overhead. The climb down looked a little tricky in the dry, it’d be lethal in the wet.

Our great campsite at Karijini Eco Retreat provided an epic starscape above at night, and a five foot high termite mound next to my tent. Didn’t see any termites but did have a grass snake visit at night about three feet from my head, which concerned me a lot less than I thought it might. If you leave wildlife alone they tend to leave you alone.

On our way out of the park we had a final view of the Hamersley Ranges from a lookout.

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  1. The views are amazing and the water So clear. I wonder deep into the water you can see well even from so high above. I’m assuming the grass snake was Not venomous. ☺️

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