Cementerio General de Santiago

An absolutely enormous cemetery, one of the largest in South America with an estimated 2 million burials, the Cementerio General de Santiago was so vast I only had the time and energy to explore the mausoleums, behind this foreboding looking entrance.

Inside was a labyrinth of mausoleums, with corridors stretching into the distance.

Some of extended out into the sunshine and more open spaces.

In-between areas and toward the rear lush and colourful greenery could be found, and at the end of one corridor was a sunlight wall of remembrance.

Back inside of few photos to end with, tighten packed memorials in-between grand tombs, a Virgin Mary statue, and the chapel.

Author: jontycrane

2 thoughts on “Cementerio General de Santiago

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever visited a mausoleum. It looks vast and full of emotion. I love the way you included several views of different arched pathways…a hint of traveling to whatever may come next. Beautifully done. 😊

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