Wellington Street Art

Wellington is exactly the sort of place you’d expect to find plenty of street art. It has that grungy / artsy feel, and plenty of narrow lanes and tucked away places. It’s a bit of surprise then to find that street art only started to appear relatively recently, from 2005 onwards, but they have caught up with many great examples, particularly around the Cuba St area.

The David Bowie mural is a wonderful idea, though the resemblance is a little iffy.

The BMD duo (DSide and Andrew J steel) are the most famous and prolific street artists in Wellington, with a distinctive, usually animal based, style.

My favourite work of his, and the most visible, is the inventive shark covered car park close to Te Papa.

Opposite the Opera House are some colourful toilets, while a nearby street was almost continuously lined with artwork of varying quality.

The Botanic Gardens are home to a rather nicely painted building by the canopy walkway.

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  1. Hello, I think you made a mistake about some artworks… It’s not Phlegm (who is Welsh and creating black and white characters) but BMD duo (DSide and Andrew J steel) who are doing the funny animals in Wellington and particularly the amazing shark wall.

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