Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, Bunratty combines a 15th century castle and a folk park recreating Irish life from the 19th century. Other than the tour parties it’s a pleasant place to spend a few hours exploring.

Starting with the castle, the last of a series on the same site, which was built around 1425. A huge square hulk, the thickness of the walls are apparent in the confined interiors, with frequent congestion on the narrow staircases.

The Main Guard and Great Hall are impressive spaces though, evocative of their age and history.

As you’d expect the views from the top are pretty good.

Back on the ground the Folk Park is extensive, with nearly 35 building nicely situated around the site. Some are original to the site, or moved from other locations, though most are recreations. It gives a good snapshot of life, though only from one period, unlike other folk parks I’ve visited in Iceland, Stockholm, Oslo.

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