Esperance and the Stirling Ranges

Esperance is popular seaside town on the southern coast of Western Australia, one of the last major towns before the epically barren stretch through to South Australia. I visited it twice, with quite a contrast in the weather from one day to the next. They’ve done a nice job with the waterfront, and a couple of km up the road the Rotary Lookout provides views.

Better views though are found further up the road on the Great Ocean Drive, particularly at the rather impressive (even on a grey day) Twilight Cove and Lovers Cove.

There’s not much in Ravensthorpe but it’s worth a quick stop to see these wonderfully painted silos, part of a national silo art programme.

Mt Trio Campsite is on the border of Stirling Ranges National Park.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to walk in the park itself, but did get some good landscape and sunset views while out for a run, plus come across a few kangaroos.

The next day sunrise caught me by surprise, with a brief flash of intense colour to welcome in the day.

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