The Sculpture Park

Set up sixteen years ago, The Sculpture Park in Surrey has by far the largest collection of sculptures I have ever seen in one place. Along 3km of trails there are over 800 sculptures for sale, ranging in price from a few hundreds pounds to nearly half a million pounds. It’s quite overwhelming to be honest, and the quality does vary considerably.

These fun loving skeletons in different situations by Wilfred Pritchard were the most entertaining.

These intricate mosaics by Francony Kowalski were the most colourful.

Birds were popular as expected.

As were other animals.

There was a huge variety of portrait work.

Though this was the only familiar face.

A number used glass in various ways.

It’s amazing what can be created with carefully assembled uncarved wood.

This epic 18 tonne sculpture by Jim Poolman is made of hundreds of thousands of horse shoes. It’s available online to buy for £520,000 plus VAT!

The trails are set around a couple of lakes, also filled with sculptures.

Various other sculptures that didn’t fit above.

Inside the reception building were a couple more to finish with…

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