The Waterfall Way and Coffs Harbour

The Waterfall Way, two and half hours of driving from Armidale to Coffs Harbour, home to numerous waterfalls and probably pleasant scenery, though as it was thick fog for much of the way I didn’t see a lot… The previous day the temperature had been up to 33C, in the worse parts of the fog it was down to 11C.

Wollomombi Falls were undeniably impressive even without much water or a decent viewpoint thanks to a closed lookout. A second lookout gave good views of the scale of the canyon.

Ebor Falls were also attractive. I think the lookout here was either destroyed or damaged beyond repair by the fires. They had some unexpected sizeable bonfires here, presumably part of a managed solution by the park rangers.

The wonderfully named Dorrigo is the main town along the Waterfall Way, home to lots of cafes and antique shops. The nearby Dangar Falls were pretty good.

Bellingen was a smart looking town full of heritage buildings.

Coffs Harbour is a sizeable town of 70,000 people, with an economy based on tourism, fishing, blueberries, and bananas. It’s North Coast Regional Botanic Garden was extensive and varied.

Coffs Harbour Regional Museum was small but nicely presented.

North Wall Beach was my first sighting of the sea so far on this trip, a nice spot despite the weather.

I stayed in Moonee Beach, at the northern end of Coffs Harbour. To end with a few photos from a run out past Moonee Beach Nature Reserve to Green Bluff and Sapphire Beach. When I got to the headland I thought there was a lighthouse a long way in the distance. After running a few hundred metres I realised that it was just very small…

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