The principal home of Winston Churchill, Chartwell is one of the National Trust’s most popular properties, and a wonderful place to visit.

The estate dates back to the 14th century, but the house is from the early 19th century and was substantially remodelled in the 1920s. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens, where I’ll start this post.

The main reason Churchill bought the property in 1922 was for the views of the Weald of Kent, rolling hills which are a popular place to walk.

They added the pond like swimming pool, and Churchill was an enthusiastic owner, working on the gardens and buildings.

He was also a keen amateur painter, something that brought him solace throughout his life. The study contains many of his paintings, which make up in passion and variety what they may lack in technical skill.

Into the house, which is very much a family home rather than a grand English country house. The house is much as it would have been in the 1920s and 1930s when Churchill spent the most time here.

Upstairs some rooms have been combined to make museum space, housing some of the more unusual things gifted to Churchill, along with some of his clothes.

Also upstairs is his study, often used into the early hours of the morning. He had a pool of secretaries available to dictate to at any hour of the day.

To finish with this cosy area and kitchen downstairs.

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