Rainy day Auckland


Auckland on a good day is fab with plenty to explore and do. On a rainy day however options are a little more limited. Here’s a few suggestions…

Pah Homestead / TSB Wallace Arts Centre – home of the Wallace collection, one of the largest private art collections in NZ, and host to frequently changing exhibitions. The homestead is a gorgeous building (originally built as a private house) with a pretty good café, and is free

Pah Homestead

Pah Homestead

Auckland Art Gallery – probably my favourite place in Auckland, beautiful building (winner of World Building of the Year 2013), good café, frequently changing exhibitions (every time I visit it seems, which is most months), lots of events including talks and films screenings, and it’s free

Voyager NZ Maritime Museum – free for Auckland residents yet rarely visited. Good collection of all things nautical including Peter Blake’s red socks!

Auckland Museum – also free for Auckland residents and well worth visiting if you’ve not been though perhaps not on a regular basis for the static permanent collection, though they do good events (Late at the Museum, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, recent Antarctic and WoW shows)

MOTAT – not just for kids, or perhaps for big kids. Better on a nice day but most of it is indoors, including the stunning Aviation Display Hall, accessible by car or free tram from the main site

MOTAT Aviation Display Hall

MOTAT Aviation Display Hall

The cinema is also an excellent choice, but my thoughts on that will have to wait for another post…

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