Auckland Eats

Auckland has a pretty awesome food scene which continues to improve every year. I can’t keep up with it but thought it might be useful to point you in the direction of those who do…


Metro Eats
Metro Magazine is famous for it’s annual top 50 lists of the best places to eat, which now cover restaurants, cafés, cheap eats under $20, and most recently 50 under $50.

Concrete Playground
Has over 335 reviews of food and drink places in town plus some refreshingly specific best of lists, including the ten best pizza joints, the seven best Vietnamese restaurants, the eight best gluten-free eateries, the six best burritos, and the ten best hangover breakfasts.

Trip Advisor
Home to the largest number of reviews of places to eat in Auckland. Slightly odd that desserts, ice cream and waffles & crepes have their own categories, but not cafés…

Gather and Hunt
Pretty broad set of reviews, covering (at time of writing this) 76 restaurants, 85 cafés and 22 bars, though the website isn’t the most intuitive to use.

Probably the most comprehensive coverage of Auckland eateries and useful for menus.

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