Further afield – Hong Kong & Macau

If you were looking for the opposite of New Zealand then Hong Kong would probably come close. One of the most densely populated places on the planet, Hong Kong is a great place to explore for a few days, along with its neighbour Macau.

DSC_0142DSC_0661 DSC_0539 DSC_0620DSC_0021 City Garden Square

Tian Tan Buddha
Best reached by cable car from close to the airport, to enjoy the views and experience of gliding over the hillside. May feel historic but the Buddha has only been there since 1993 and is as much a tourist attraction as a religious site.


The Peak
The original tourist attraction in Hong Kong, somewhat easier to get to since the Peak Tramway railway was built in 1926. A cheaper if less exciting option is to take a bus. Either way the views from the top, particularly on a rare clear day, allow you to see pretty much the whole city.


Nan Lian Gardens
Beautiful example of a classic Chinese garden, which are designed (like Japanese gardens) for specific viewpoints. Also home to an impressive temple, well worth a few stops on the MRT to reach.

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Hong Kong skyline
One of the most recognisable in the world, particularly at night with a daily light show across the skyscrapers. Best seen from the Avenue of Stars in Kowloon or from the famous Star Ferry across the harbour between Hong Kong and Kowloon.


Hong Kong Museum of History
Possibly the best museum about a city I’ve been to (though there are great ones in New York and Wellington, the one in Kuala Lumpur is surprisingly dull).


Kowloon Park
A rare place of tranquility in the hustle of Kowloon.

DSC_0167 DSC_0172 DSC_0180

The Portuguese equivalent of Hong Kong, though wasn’t anywhere near as successful until gambling came along. It’s now takes twice as much money from gambling as Las Vegas, from a multitude of crazy looking casinos. Well worth a day trip by ferry from Hong Kong for the unique mix of Portuguese churches, outlandish casinos, historic sites (Sao Paulo Cathedral, the Fort and the Macau Museum) and big Chinese city feel.

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