19th century Auckland architecture

One of the less immediate but more affecting things about moving from the UK to New Zealand has been the absence of old buildings. There is nothing in New Zealand older than 170 years. Back in the UK I was five minutes walk away from churches 800 years old. Auckland in particular has lost a lot of its heritage, a reflection of a boom and bust property market, particularly in the CBD. Some gems thankfully have survived though…

Acacia Cottage (1841)
Sir John Logan Campbell’s house, the oldest wooden home in Auckland. Once off Shortland Street in the CBD, since relocated to the more tranquil setting of Cornwall Park, Sir John Logan Campbell’s best recognised contribution to Auckland.

IMG_1539 Sir John Logan Campbell House

Old Government House (1856)
Built during the time (1841-1865) when Auckland was the capital of New Zealand (after Russell, before Wellington). Now part of the University of Auckland, and frequent host to graduation ceremonies.

Old Government House IMG_1808

Highwic (1862), Ewelme (1857), and Alberton (1863)
Trio of Heritage New Zealand properties in Auckland well worth visiting. Highwic is tucked away in the middle of Newmarket, quite a discovery when you find it. Ewelme, across the road from Parnell Cathedral, is a little gem. Alberton is the most impressive of the three, with huge verandas.

Highwic DSC04297Ewelme DSC04281 Ewelme, ParnellAlberton DSC04106

Auckland High Court (1868)
One of the grandest buildings in New Zealand when it opened, and the Supreme Court of New Zealand. Now merely a High Court, with the Supreme Court to be found in Wellington.

Auckland High Court IMG_1425

Pah Homestead (1879)
At one point the largest private home in Auckland, then a school and various other things, and now one of the top three art galleries in Auckland (along with Auckland Art Gallery and Te Uru).

Pah Homestead

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