Best of the Coromandel Peninsula

Where much of Auckland goes on holiday, and justifiably so, for the Coromandel Peninsula is a beautiful microcosm of some of the best of New Zealand. Home to stunning beaches, lovely views, historic sights (by New Zealand’s brief standards), and super twisty roads, all just a few hours from Auckland.

As usual I prefer the less obvious spots. I’m a big fan of the west coast and inland, over the more popular (due to it’s many glorious sandy beaches) east coast.

DSC_0072 IMG_4598

Personally I think it’s hard to beat Coromandel Town and the surrounding area. It has character, great restaurants and cafes (Pepper Tree and Driving Creek Cafe being favourites), lovely views from Wyuna Bay Road, and the enjoyable Driving Creek Railway.

IMG_4521 Coromandel Town IMG_4690 Driving Creek Cafe DSC00356 DSC00365 IMG_4630 Driving Creek Railway IMG_4637 IMG_4673

Heading inland there are some impressive Kauri trees remaining at Kauri Grove and Square Kauri.

IMG_4704 DSC00512

Things get a little wild, with perilous roads, up north to Port Charles and Stony Bay, off limits to hire vehicles for understandable reasons.

DSC00300 Stony Bay

Thames is home to the mildly diverting Thames School of Mines, some nice old buildings, and scenic views from William Hall Reserve Arboretum, including the huge Toyota refurbishment plant in town.

DSC00188 DSC00205 Toyota Factory

On the road between Thames and Coromandel are the somewhat interesting sights of the Tropical Butterfly House and Rapaura Watergardens.

DSC00210 DSC00224 DSC00537 DSC00541 DSC00574 DSC00580

And finally a selection of rather pleasant beaches, getting increasingly more popular from the near empty expanses of Kauotutu, Black Jack Scenic Reserve, Opito Bay, to the heaving (by New Zealand standards) Hahei Beach over a long weekend.

DSC00392 DSC00403 Black Jack Scenic Reserve DSC00412 Optio BayDSC00473 DSC00474

DSC00433 Hahei Beach

I’ve missed out three of the most famous / popular beaches, Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach and New Chums Beach. Been close to but not to them for various reasons. Not overly fussed though, touch of beach fatigue has set in after so much travel.

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7 thoughts on “Best of the Coromandel Peninsula

  1. New Chums is amazing, when Taylor Swift said Bethells was the most beautiful beach in the world I thought “well she’s obviously never been to New Chums”

    As always an entertaining read!!

    1. Thanks Andrew, I thought west was best? I’ve been to the stream crossing before to New Chums but the weather was rubbish so bailed. I’ve got to leave some of New Zealand left on my to do list!

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