Taster of Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the delightful capital of Georgia, which offers visitors a rich history, easy to explore by foot. As an architecture fan I loved the variety from neo-classical to ultra modern civic buildings, often only a few streets away from each other. Some more detailed posts will follow but here’s a taster of what to expect…DSC06519A stunning location on the Mtkvari River, surrounded by hills, offering numerous vantage points from which to enjoy the view. The citadel was my favourite, looking down from above the Old Town.DSC06440 DSC06517A surprising amount of high quality modern architecture, including the mushroom covered Justice House, a half completed concert hall, and the Peace Bridge.DSC06029 Justice House DSC06295DSC06423 A delightfully maze like Old Town, including Sulphur Baths.DSC06445 DSC06453 Sulfur BathsA smattering of funky street art.DSC06623 DSC06688Religious buildings everywhere, mainly Georgian orthodox churches, but also Catholic churches, a synagogue and a mosque.DSC06706 DSC08584 DSC06598 DSC06539 DSC06544 DSC08492 DSC06479 MosqueThe metro system is very Soviet in design, deep judging by the length of the escalators, and seemingly super efficient, having had to wait less than 30 seconds for a train each time I used it.DSC06281DSC06269 There is also a handy funicular railway, providing yet more vantage points over the city.DSC08196 DSC08237DSC08531 And a cable car from the river up to the citadel and Mother Georgia statue.DSC06521 Cable CarThe highlight of the National Museum was the powerful top floor on the near seventy year Soviet Occupation of Georgia.DSC06607And a huge number of grand civic buildings, including the Moorish style Opera House, Soviet Science Centre, and the former Parliament lit up at night.DSC06641 DSC06657 DSC06667 DSC08240 DSC06034 DSC08239

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