Osterley House, London

An oasis of greenery in West London, Osterley House and the surrounding park make for a great stopover 20 mins from Heathrow Airport. The 250 year old mansion was built purely as a party palace for entertaining friends and clients, and features some of Robert Adam’s finest work.


The exterior is very unusual, red brick with white stone details, and an impressive entrance via steps through to a central courtyard.DSC09923DSC09930DSC09932

The interior makes striking use of colour and high ceilings to give a great sense of space, plus has some pretty nifty beds.DSC09943 DSC09966 DSC09969 DSC09957 DSC09955 DSC09958 DSC09938 DSC09947 DSC09948 DSC09974 DSC09976 DSC09981

The stables were home to the popular National Trust cafe and bookshop.


The cut flower gardens were stunningly colourful, a beautiful spot.DSC09989 DSC09991 DSC09994 DSC00002

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