Washington D.C. memorials

Americans do love a good memorial and their capital is full of them. Here are some of the more notable ones dedicated to presidents and wars.

Washington Monument
The world’s tallest stone structure and the world’s tallest obelisk. It is home to a well concealed lookout at the top, with views out across the Mall, and the many monuments and museums that line it.dscf9830-washington-monument dscf9847 dscf9855 dscf9859dscf9701dscf9704dscf9705

Lincoln Memorial
The opposite end of the Mall from Congress, this is suitably epic in scale, with a power undiminished despite having already seen it in so many films (Forest Gump, Nixon).dscf9843-lincoln-memorial dscf9845 dscf9844 dscf9848-jonty dscf9839-reflecting-pool

Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Reached by walking by the scenic Tidal Basin the monument pays tribute to power of Jefferson’s words, in particular the Declaration of Independence.dscf9963 dscf9967

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
American’s longest serving president, and one of it’s greatest by any measure, this is a suitably expansive memorial set over 7.5 acres.dscf9959 dscf9960

National World War II Memorial
Classical style on a monumental scale to mark the many battles in Europe and the Pacific.dscf9838 dscf9837 dscf9834-ww2-monument

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Famously designed by Maya Lin this is a classic example of a simple but powerful memorial, naming the 58,000 American’s who lost their life in Vietnam.dscf9840-vietnam-memorial dscf9842

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Unexpectedly one of the most moving memorials, to an often forgotten war in which millions of soldiers and civilians died, without it ever officially ending.dscf9852 dscf9853

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