Albert Park, Auckland

One of my favourite parks in Auckland, Albert Park is an oasis of Victorian style greenery in the CBD, surrounded by heritage buildings belonging to the University of Auckland, and the wonderful Auckland Art Gallery.dsc03631 dsc03658dsc03688dsc03635dsc03645

Dating from the 1880s, it is one of the oldest parks in Auckland (along with the Domain and Western Park in Ponsonby). I captured it as the sun came out after a wet Spring morning, resplendent in lush green.dsc03627 dsc03636dsc03677

I particularly like the gnarly ancient trees with their epic branches, blocking out the sunlight.
dsc03678 dsc03679

It has plenty of reminders of Victorian times, including most obviously a statue of Queen Victoria, a large fountain, a bandstand from 1901, a flag pole and several cannons.
dsc03657 dsc03656 dsc03650 dsc03654 dsc03638dsc03663 dsc03669At the top of Victoria Street is a huge sculpture by Chris Booth aptly named Gateway, a fitting entrance for the park, which is an oasis of greenery compared with Victoria Street.dsc03697 dsc03698 dsc03703 dsc03704 dsc03701

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