Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park

Kings Canyon is an impressive demonstration of nature in Watarrka National Park, about five hours west of Alice Springs. While in my opinion not a match for the canyons I saw traveling from Darwin to Broome, the 6km rim walk made for a good morning wander.

It starts with Heart Attack Hill, a decent little climb complete with a defibrillator at the top and views along the canyon.dsc05770 dsc05779 dsc05780

Further around the canyon are a variety of decent views.dsc05863 dsc05802 dsc05856 dsc05813

If you like rock formations and a bit of geology this is the place for you.dsc05794 dsc05793 dsc05878 dsc05821 dsc05870

There’s a huge variety of plant life on the walk, including this 900 year old Palm like plant.dsc05879 dsc05864

At the base of the canyon is the aptly named Garden of Eden, a permanent waterhole, supporting some lush patches of greenery amongst all the rocks.dsc05842 dsc05852

They’re also building a rather funky new information centre.dsc05763

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