Alice Springs

Lacking a spring and never visited by the ‘Alice’ it was named after, the idea of Alice Springs is far more romantic than the reality. A typically spread out sort of place, it is tricky to get around without a car.

A couple of hours on foot provided some sights of interest though it’s quite draining when by 9.30am in the middle of Spring it is already 30C. Still there was some colour and signage around…dsc06873 dsc06752

The Todd River runs by the centre of town, only it usually looks like this…dsc06737

Anzac Hill provides a good vantage point over the town and is home to the town war memorial.dsc06787dsc06796 dsc06794 dsc06802

My highlights were the light filled churches, making good use of the 300 days of sunshine each year and coloured glass.dsc06780 dsc06785 dsc06778 dsc06809 dsc06811 dsc06815 dsc06818

There were a few heritage buildings, if nothing spectacular, including Adelaide House (first hospital in the area), The Residency (home of the governor for the brief five years that Central Australia was independent), which now has the soon to open Supreme Court of the Northern Territory behind it, and Stuart Town (Alice’s previous name before being rebranded to attract more people) Gaol plus a few others.

dsc06758 dsc06830 dsc06837 dsc06822 dsc06865 dsc06869dsc06740

Couple of random sights included a petrol station ready for Christmas already and Monte’s famous unicorn.dsc06877 dsc06884

I had great accommodation at Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn.dsc06890

Finally the KFC was far more atmospheric at night.dsc06707

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