Most popular posts of 2016

Slightly belatedly but here are the ten most popular posts on my blog in 2016, thrilling stuff…

1. New Zealand Great Walks Ranked
A perennial favourite. My most popular post by some margin, possibly due to it being the top search result on Google for ‘great walks ranked’.IMG_2800

2. Best of 2016 – Auckland Theatre Performances
Helped greatly by the Basement Theatre plugging on their Facebook page, and well timed before the Auckland Theatre Awards. Also in the top ten but I’ve group them together due to the Basement effect were Best of 2016 – Auckland Theatre & Dance and Best of 2016 – Auckland Theatre

3. Taumanu Reserve, Auckland’s Newest Beach
Surprisingly popular but then there aren’t many man made beaches featuring large pylons and a bird reserve.DSC07756

4. Patagonia, Argentina & Chile v South Island, New Zealand
The most popular of my posts on Patagonia, a good reference post for those thinking of travelling to either place.IMG_0405

5. Theatres in Auckland
Possibly the most researched posts I’ve done, took a while to put it together, didn’t realise Auckland had so many community theatres!Q Theatre IMG_18986. Routeburn Track
Appropriately my favourite track is also my most popular track post.IMG_2408

7. Round the Mountain
And my second favourite track is my second most popular track post!DSC07826

8. Life Drawing – April 15 to March 16
Something a bit different and pleasingly popular, though the follow up (Life drawing – April to November 2016) was less so, despite featuring better drawings imho.IMG_2375

9. One Day in Auckland CBD
Written in response to an relative of mine visiting New Zealand for the first time and having one day spare in Auckland.DSC00855 CBD

10. Nelson Lakes – Travers-Sabine Circuit, Blue Lake and Angelus Hut
My third favourite track and third most popular track post, there’s a theme here…DSC01794

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