Hobart Street Art

As I’d expected given it’s arty culture there was a fair amount of street art in Hobart.dsc01437 dsc01572 dsc01577 dsc01097 dsc01201 dsc01189

My favourites though were the signal boxes I found around town, which had been painted as part of a local initiative. It became a good little treasure hunt tracking them down around the city.dsc01215 dsc01118 dsc01262 dsc01413 dsc01485 dsc01559 dsc01563 dsc01605 dsc02083 img_4424

Finally not sure if it counts as street art but the interior of the Pickled Frog hostel was filled with artwork, quirky and fun filled.dsc01099 dsc01102 dsc01105 dsc01107 dsc01109 dsc01111 dsc01113 dsc01196 dsc01198 dsc01195 dsc01202-pickled-frog

2 thoughts on “Hobart Street Art

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