Brunner Mine Industrial Site

I’ve been to Greymouth enough times to know that there isn’t much there to see, but 11km down the road is the must see Brunner Mine Industrial Site.dsc_0333dsc_0383

The most productive West Coast coal mining site in the nineteenth century and site of the worst mining disaster, when 65 men lost their lives in 1896, this is special place in NZ history. This disaster and others, tragically most recently at Pike River in 2010, are commemorated.dsc_0334 dsc_0397

There are numerous mine entrances and remains of equipment around the site.dsc_0338 dsc_0386 dsc_0346 dsc_0362 dsc_0344 dsc_0348 dsc_0376

The largest remaining structure is the beehive coke ovens.dsc_0372 dsc_0356 dsc_0359

The Brunner Suspension Bridge crosses the appropriately named Grey River over to the Tyneside Chimney and lovely views over the site.dsc_0394 dsc_0370 dsc_0382 dsc_0384

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