The name alone is hugely evocative, from the era of four Greats – Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes, and Alexander (who burnt it to the ground). Persepolis was one of the great wonders of the world, an epic collection of palaces only occupied during spring (represented by the lion eating the bull, representing spring devouring winter).

The most famous part of the site is the eastern Apadana staircase, the best preserved area, home to wonderfully intricate and precise carvings.

There are a couple of impressive tombs on the hillside above the site.

Though even more impressive are the views from them across Persepolis which give you a sense of the vast scale of the place, and what it would have been like in it’s heyday.

To be honest I came away from Persepolis feeling slightly underwhelmed. Other than the staircase the most impressive remains can be found in French, British, German and American museums, which I’ve previously visited. It was amazing to experience the scale of the place, and put it in context, but was difficult to live up to all I’ve read and heard about Persepolis. Definitely worth visiting but manage your expectations.

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4 thoughts on “Persepolis

  1. Sorry to hear you were underwhelmed when visiting Takh-e Jamshid. When I visited, I was totally awed! I thought what remained of the original palace was exquisite and beautiful!

    1. It’s all relative to expectations, which is why I tend to want to know as little about places before I visit them these days. Difficult to live up to the hype!

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