El Questro

After a morning on the bus, the highlight of which was an ice cream at 9am (had left camp by 6.30am), was good to stretch the legs (and arms) in the afternoon with a walk / scramble / climb / swim in the El Questro Gorge. Made it to Mac Micking Pool at the end for my first dip of the trip, cooled down underneath a waterfall, pretty idyllic.


Benefits of dawn runs, wallabies jumping about, seeing the sunrise from the top of Telecom Hill and guilt free pancakes for breakfast afterwards.

Emma Gorge was a much easier walk, ending in a blissfully cool pool underneath a waterfall, nice place for a swim!

DSC06401 DSC06406

Zebedee Springs would have been amazing had I seen them day one but seen a lot of better things since. One can get used to idyllic glades of palm trees and hot springs far too quickly.


Chamberlin Gorge is home to a rather large saltwater crocodile so we didn’t stay there long.


Just getting to Branko’s Lookout was quite an experience, across the bumpiest road I have ever been on, high risk of getting throw out of one’s seat. In the evening saw a 4×4 being towed back to camp which had attempted and failed to make it up to the lookout. The views at sunset though were worth the effort.


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