Murchison Gorge, Kalbarri National Park

One of my favourite types of landscape to explore, Australian gorges with their wonderful rock formations, colours and reflections. Murchison Gorge looked pretty spectacular from on high through the aptly named Nature’s Window and further along at a lookout.

Down the road at Z-Bend Gorge were more views, and a fun boulder strewn track down to rather green and stagnant water.

It was still home to a few fish though and more excitingly some perfect reflections in it’s stillness, quite magical, if also pushing 30C at 8.30am…

Author: jontycrane

7 thoughts on “Murchison Gorge, Kalbarri National Park

  1. Magical is just the right word. That’s awfully hot for so early in the morning. Does the temperature drop with nightfall? And, does it stay consistently hot all year, without much seasonal change I mean?

    1. It’s very seasonal, more like low 20s in winter and freezing overnight, but super hot in the summer. Dry heat at least, gets much more humid the further north you go.

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