Best of 2017 – Photography – Australia

One of my favourite travel destinations (thankfully, as other than the Pacific Islands it’s the only place within reasonable flying distance of New Zealand), I made four trips to Australia this year. With sixteen trips over the past seven years Australia is the place I know best after New Zealand and Britain. While it may share the language and some of the culture of both those places, the landscape is so different, a world apart, particularly outside of the main cities.

A great start to the year exploring my final Australian state to visit, finding more history and architecture than expected, and plenty of natural beauty, though it’s usually more low key than New Zealand in your face grandeur.

A weekend break to go for a long walk along the coastline of North Sydney, and by chance to see Vivid Sydney, a cool and colourful festival of light.

A four day break to explore the ancient Daintree Rainforest, landscape of the Atherton Tablelands, evocative remains of Paronella Park, views from Kuranda, and breathtaking beauty of Port Douglas.

Perth to Broome
The big trip of the year, ten days travelling 4,600km through the vastness of Western Australia, home to some of the most stunning beaches, spectacular gorges, colourful landscapes, and exotic animals I’ve seen.

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6 thoughts on “Best of 2017 – Photography – Australia

  1. Thanks Ellie, pretty much all my 2018 travels are already booked so I know it should be a good year. Hope you have a great 2018, thank you for following and engaging with my blog

  2. I think I’d like to do Australia as my big trip next year, although I guess I’m quite intimidated by how big it is! (Also want to go sooner than later because I keep reading about how the Great Barrier Reef is dying and how there are now plans to drill the Great Australian Bight.)

    But I get so many ideas from your blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you Christine. Australia is an amazing place, but you’re right that it’s rather large! Depends on how long you have but could be worth breaking it up into a couple of trips rather than trying to fit too much in. Outside of the south east the driving becomes pretty epic, personally I prefer trips through someone like Intrepid ( for Western, Central and Northern Australia.

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