Puerto Varas, Chile

A stunning spot on Lake Llanquihue, and home to the flashiest (if most German Alpine) architecture in Chile, Puerto Varas is a wonderful little place, particularly on a day like this.

It was only 20 minutes from Puerto Montt by road. I was probably the only person on the cruise to take the locals bus, $1.50 each way and more of an experience than tour bus.

It is known as the City of Roses, obviously so based on the number of roses around the place.

It also obviously (on a clear day) has two rather epic snow capped volcanoes nearby, the conical (from this angle) Osorno volcano, and the even larger Calbuco volcano.

There are plenty of non-rose flowers around, adding colour and creating good photo opportunities.

I walked out as far as possible round the bay, finding a large sculpture and views back toward town.

The close by Cerro Philippi (Philippi Hill) provided some welcome exercise up the hill for occasional views, wood carvings, and another giant illuminated cross (like Puerot Montt).

Back along the waterfront are statues of various Chilean generals.

The Iglessia Luterana (Lutheran Church) was attractive, with an even nicer interior, which I didn’t photograph as a service was taking place at the time.

As mentioned the architecture was very German alpine, despite the lack of snow, more related to 19th German settlers of the area.

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