Chilean street art

I didn’t just find street art in Santiago, but in almost every place I visited along the Chilean coast, adding colour and interest. Even the drabbest of places, and Puerto Montt clearly had had better times, are improved by a bit of street art. I particularly liked the ever narrowing wall space and the choice of flowers that would fit, and the poster (saw a couple) made up of thousands of photos.

Puerto Varas was far more upmarket and lacking in colourful local expression, other than this cheeky dog and some opportunist work on a sea wall.

Castro had plenty lining the streets.

I didn’t see any in the tiny Puerto Chacabuco, and struggled to find much in Punta Arenas other than these two. One of the talks onboard the ship was about the importance of latitude, and how it explains a lot about why places are why they are. This could apply to street art, judging by the ever diminishing amount found the further south I went.

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