Few days in Antarctica

Antarctica on a good day is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places I’ve been, with brilliant white and blue scenery and more wildlife than you’d expect. Our first evening there I covered in my Cape Horn to Antarctica post, this one covers the other three days as we sailed around Anvers Island and through the Palmer archipelago on the Antarctica Peninsula. The stunning weather continued throughout our first full day.

Saw some interesting ice bergs, particularly the holes on this one, and a few penguins along for the ride on another.

The day ended with another colourful setting sun, though I didn’t manage to stay up till midnight to actually see it set.

Unfortunately, as it tends to do, the weather turned for the worse for the remainder of our time there, with swells, winds and poor visibility. We got a bit of snow as the temperature was 0C but didn’t see much else for the next two days, other than snow, hazy icebergs and the inviting looking Deception Island, before heading back north toward the Falkland Islands.

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