Temple Basin Ski Field, Arthur’s Pass

One of the best relatively short walks in Arthur’s Pass, heading up to Temple Basin ski field filled a couple of hours with wonderful views and exploration of an old school ski field out of season.

From the Temple Basin car park it’s a straightforward walk up the track, which starts wide but thankfully soon narrows to something slightly more interesting, though still rather repetitive compared to a bush walk.

It offered increasingly good views back across the valley, including of Avalanche Peak which I’d headed up that morning.

The ski fields opened in 1929 and though a goods lift was opened in 1962 there is still no road access to the fields, instead you need to walk up as I did, though I suspect it’ll be a little tougher in winter with snow and ice.

The red hut looks the oldest, and is certainly the most scenic with a mountain backdrop, while a couple of newer ones are found behind further up the mountainside.


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    1. Not sure if you can stay overnight but in winter these are the buildings for the skifield. There are more huts with views that you definitely can stay up coming in the next couple of blog posts

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