Milford Road

One of the most scenic (if also most dangerous) roads in New Zealand, the northern part of New Zealand State Highway 94, better known as the Milford Road is a quite spectacular place to spend a day heading up and back.

Not long after leaving Te Anau are the understandably popular Mirror Lakes, small tarns usually offering in the morning perfect reflections of the Earl Mountains, as nicely demonstrated here in both winter and summer.


Further along the road Lake Gunn also offered some rather nice reflections, again in both winter and summer.

There are plenty of mountains to enjoy on the drive, particularly when covered in snow.

The Homer Tunnel opened in 1953 after being started during the Great Depression in the 1930s by workers with pick and shovel. Either end there are traffic lights with a countdown, allowing time to venture out of your car for a few photos, more scenic than most places with traffic lights!


Inside is pretty erie and amazingly steep, running at a 10% gradient over it’s 1.2km length.

A short walk from the road between Homer Tunnel and Milford Sound is the The Chasm, with two foot bridges offering dramatic views of the Cleddau River below.

The Milford Road ends at Milford Sound, which I’ll cover separately but he’s a well known taster.

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