Northern Albania – Lake Koman and Shkoder

Travelling from the centrally located capital of Tirana to the mountains of Northern Albania there was plenty of history and impressive scenery.

In a wonderful setting 130m above the northern Albanian city of Shkoder, Rozafa Castle has stunning views over the region. What looks like the sea is the huge Lake Scutari. Uninhabitated since a large earthquake in the 17th century there is still a fair amount left of the castle, though I suspect some repair work has been done since.

The 18th century Ottoman style (unique in Albania) Lead Mosque can be seen well from the castle hillside.

One of the main towns in northern Albania, Shkoder has an attractive central old town, home to some beautiful secular and religious architecture and many pieces of public art.

Formed between 1979 and 1988 by the construction of dams and reservoirs, Lake Koman makes for an attractive two and a half hour ferry ride between Koman and Fierza in northern Albania. Some of the mountains by the lake are over 1,700m high, creating a fjord like effect.

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