The second city of Kosovo, Prizren was an unexpected delight, with a compact old town filled with historical sights, located at the base of the Sar Mountains. The best views of the city are from Kalaja Fortress, which can be reached by a very steep direct path, or a winding 4.5km path by the river through the woods. It was a wonderful spot to watch the sunset.

The city skyline is filled with minarets, though none of the mosques are particularly large. The most attractive and prominent is the Ottoman era Sinan Pasha Mosque.

The largest is the Mosque of Gazi Mehmet Pasha, next to the House of the Albanian League of Prizren where the concept of an Albanian nation state was formed.

My favourite was the beautiful 19th century Mosque of Emin Pasha.


The 17th century Qatip Sinan Qelebiut’s Mosque was also rather lovely inside.

There are also plenty of churches though many were badly damaged during riots against the Serbs in 2005 including the Episcopal Church St George, the tiny Church of St. Nicholas, and the wonderful Church of Holy Friday, now surrounded by barbed wire and protected by a fierce looking guard dog.


Close by is the Old Clock Tower and Archeological Museum of Prizren Region, housed in an Ottoman era hamam (baths) which was well worth visiting, for the interiors, and views from the Clock Tower.

Gazi Mehmet Pasha’s Hamam is another Ottoman era baths, sadly now usually closed.

Down by the river is busy and scenic at any time of day or night, and these decorated trees were cute.

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