Most and least popular posts of 2018

I published 167 posts on this blog in 2018, just over three a week, mainly covering my travels in New Zealand and overseas plus a few randoms. As usual travel posts were the most liked, but hiking posts the most visited.

I got about the same number of visitors in 2018 as 2017, but more Americans and fewer Kiwis for unknown reasons. The top seven countries for visitors remained the same – NZ, America, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Most popular posts

NZ Great Walks Ranked, Iceland v NZ, and Patagonia v South Island NZ remained the top three most popular posts by some margin. Four of the five most popular (by views) new posts in 2018 related to my first (and only so far) cruise, 22 days around South America and Antarctica, m.s. Zaandam, Glacier Alley, and the Falkland Islands, though this could be due to the posts being nearly a year old. The odd one out was the wonderful Rees-Dart Track.

The cruise posts were also the most popular in terms of likes, followed by an eclectic selection of posts – Old St. Paul’s and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington, Waikowhai Walkway, Best of 2018 Places I’ve Stayed, Hamilton Gardens, Montevideo Street Art, Cave Stream Scenic Reserve, and Hunza.

Least popular posts

Time to show some love to the least popular posts (based on visits), starting with Kosovo’s hard to love but still fascinating capital Prishtina.

The second least popular post makes me a little sceptical of WordPress stats as Hunza was one of my most liked, and certainly most spectacular posts.

Number three is also odd as Ring of Beara was filled with more wonderful scenery photos.

The scenery theme continues with the forth least popular post, Northern Albania – Lake Koman and Shkoder.

To finish with the fifth least popular post, yet again filled with stunning scenery which I like at least, Tour du Mont Blanc – Stages 8 & 9 Relais d’Arpette to Charamillon.

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