Palmerston North

Much maligned, and unfairly so based on what admittedly was only a day spent there, Palmerston North is an often lovely city a couple of hours north of Wellington. With many historic buildings, a huge amount of public art, and a riverside setting it is worth at least a quick explore.

The heart of the city is The Square, home to this striking Hopwood Clock Tower, built in 1953, wonderful during both day and night.

The square, and neighbouring streets, are home to some of the finest public art in New Zealand.

Palmerston North’s lack of economic booms has left much of it’s historical architecture intact, and increasingly restored.

I was also rather fond of the brutalist Council building in the square.

Down by the river is Victoria Esplanade, a great spot for a run (though I didn’t take my camera). Coming from Auckland it was a pleasant surprise for people to say hello to me as I passed them by…

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