The final post from my short trip to the Netherlands back in October 2009. Only 15 minutes by train from The Hague, Delft is an historic town where the exquisite painter Vermeer was born, as was apparently the field of microbiology…

The first thing that caught my eye after leaving the train station was the Old Church built in the 14th century. It’s distinctive 75m high tower leans about 2m from the vertical, reflected in an obligatory canal.

It warranted a closer explore around and inside.

The historic Markt is home to the attractive Delft City Hall, a Renaissance style building. The red shutter part dates back to 1620, while the belfry is even older.

Across from here is the stunning Nieuwe Church, home to the tomb of William of Orange. This has the second highest church tower in the Netherlands after the Dom Tower of Utrecht. It took a hundred years to build, finally finishing in 1496.

As expected the views from the top were pretty impressive.

Particularly of the neighbouring Maria van Jessekerk church.

To finish with a few more photos from my short morning wander around the town.

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